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Hi, I’m David and I’m a marketing consultant

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I fuel growth for B2B companies with digital marketing that generates massive demand

David - Founder of ClickPop
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What I do

I’ll help you to:

Own a slice of the market with a finely tuned marketing strategy, product, price and position for your business.

Ignite demand with explosive content marketing. Covering social media, webinars, podcasts, email, display ads, PR, and events, I’ll shake the inertia out of the market and make your brand the go-to solution for your target customers.

Capture demand with killer SEO and PPC campaigns, websites optimised to convert visitors to leads, and lead nurturing tactics that turn sales leads into loyal customers.

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About me

I’ve worked in marketing for twenty-something years, cutting my digital marketing teeth when Yahoo was the world’s most popular search engine, the UK’s most popular social network was Friends Reunited and LinkedIn hadn’t been invented.

I’ve spent most of my career helping PE and venture-funded start-ups and scale-ups to grow quickly and profitably, maximising their enterprise value to 8 and 9 figure exits.

My goal is to help you do the same.

So, what makes me different?

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Balance from experience 

I’ll get your website printing money, without sacrificing your brand with sketchy SEO tactics.

I live and breathe marketing, but I know that it can’t work alone. I’ll rally your sales and customer teams to create a major impact. 

Marketing that drives new business sales gets me fired up, but I won’t neglect your existing customers, they can be a goldmine.

Promotion is my forte, but I’m also a pro at perfecting the product, price and positioning so that you can dominate your market. 

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Grew the value of one business’s marketing activity from delivering £450k to £2m in additional new business ARR.

Increased the revenue generated from a website by more than 5X, from less than £200k to more than £1.1m per year.

Launched a new product that grew the revenue generated from a market from less than 2% of new revenue to over 12%.

Repositioned a product and its pricing to combat new market entrants, doubling revenue from the SME segment of the market.

Redesigned and restructured a B2B website, growing commercially relevant traffic by over 5,000%, all within three months.

What people say about me

David is my go to for strategic marketing advice. He can talk strategically one moment, but switch quickly to discussing the ins and outs of delivering on the ground.

Matt – Co-founder – The Happiness Index

Having worked with many marketing teams in my sales career, I can honestly say- no team created more leads and great content like David’s.                                            

Katie – Account Development Manager

David’s passion for marketing shines through and he has a unique ability to identify creative solutions to complex problems.

Steve – Head of Sales Development

Say hi, and get your sales team swimming in leads